Wednesday May 18, 2022

Vision & Mission

MISSION AND VISION Mission: The mission of the Lopit community in the Diasporas is to be the role model in seeking knowledge, funding, skills, and values that can assist Lopit people in eradicating illiteracy and developing future leaders. Vision: Facilitating and advocating for the satisfaction of the educational, socio-economic, and development needs of the people […]

Political organization and traditional authority

Political organization and traditional authority BACKGROUND INFORMATION Introduction¬†¬† Lopit area is in Southern Sudan, Eastern Equatoria Province Lopit Hills, North East of Torit town, West of Kapoeta town, North of Hiyala Payam, and South of Lafon Payam. The climatic condition is mainly savannah grassland with rainfall enough to cultivate and raise cattle. Wildlife is plentiful, […]

Lopit at a Galnce

Lopit people The name The people are known as Lopit, Language is known Lopit Demography and geography The Lopit populations are about one hundred fifteen thousands people. They inhabit the Lopit hills, which form the Northeastern frontiers of Torit district. The main settlements of the Lopit are as follow: Twenty Two (22) West Lopit: Tabwor […]

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