Wednesday May 18, 2022

Goals & Objectives

  1. GOALS
  • Build community-based funds for scholarships; will provide education support not only to the children from the Lopit community but to all the children from other communities who are interested and serious in their education
  • To supplement the UNHCR efforts in educating South Sudanese children in the refugee camps in East Africa
  • To reduce levels of illiteracy among South Sudanese
  • To provide an enabling and conducive learning environment by assisting 1200 to 1500 minors primarily students in meeting their school materials needs such as uniforms, exercise books, pens, and pair of shoes
  •  To encourage the gifted children to learn the skills necessary for their future
  • To reduce the mobility of children in Kakuma primary schools in search of better education
  • By reducing the levels of illiteracy among South Sudanese, the project will have contributed to the world’s fight for the eradication of illiteracy
  • To provide means to quality education that most of the refugees could not get in their home country
  • To seek and provide funds to support 1200-1500 students from the Lopit community to further their education
  • To provide an advantageous learning condition to the Lopit children in Kakuma and other refugee camps in East Africa
  • To provide cheaper and nearer learning facilities to the children within the camp
  • To promote cultural awareness, social ethics, and the Lopit values of the community
  • To promote the awareness of the Preventive Health Medicines (HIV/AIDS) and women’s reproductive issues
  • To advocate for women’s right, especially of girl-child education among the Lopit community.
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